Preserve the Beauty of Natural Flooring with Hard Floor Cleaning in Kensington

When you’re fortunate enough to possess a stone, slate or wooden floor, you don’t want to trust just anyone to clean it. Call us for your Kensington hard floor cleaning and maintenance. Swiss Cleaners offers exactly the service you’re looking for – trained, certified cleaners with the experience to give your flooring the care it needs, and all the tools necessary to deliver the very best results possible on any sort of floor.

Hard Floor Maintenance From Kensington Specialists

You have to know that your hard floor maintenance in Kensington is in safe hands. With Swiss Cleaners it will be. At the same time, you need a service that’s easy to access, convenient to use and realistically priced. Here’s how we’ve taken care of these things:

  • Use our phone or internet contact routes any time – they’re staffed 24/7
  • Get a free quote for your work and make your booking without paying any deposit
  • Arrange your service for the weekend or on a holiday if you choose
  • Choose cash or card payment options
  • Book hard floor maintenance for commercial spaces as well as your home

Benefit from reduced rates when you arrange this work alongside certain other services we offer. Hard floor cleaning could work well alongside a move in cleaning package. When you’ve chosen hard floors over carpets for your bedroom to cut down on allergens, consider mattress cleaning to make your sleeping space even more hygienic.

Choose Specialist Hard Floor Cleaners in Kensington

Whatever sort of flooring you have, our Kensington hard floor cleaners will make a great job of cleaning or restoration. Your cleaners will start by assessing your floor type and condition. Before starting work they’ll explain what they propose to do and why. Here’s an introduction to the types of work we have the skills and equipment to deliver:

Wooden Floors: We’ll perform a surface clean and buff up for floors in a good condition, or strip, varnish and re-polish when needed. When the protective sealing has broken down and stains have impregnated the wood we’ll sand, reseal and re-varnish the floor to bring the natural colour and warmth back to its full glory.

Slate, Tiled and Stone Floors: Over time, tiny cuts and abrasions occur and dirt can impregnate the surface. We’ll use emulsification, high pressure cleaning and, of course, we’ll capture the waste for the best results. After cleaning we use an impregnating agent to seal the floor against future dirt.

Vinyl Floors: Most often used in commercial settings, vinyl floors require regular deep cleaning to keep them in good condition. We use heat, emulsification and low pressure cleaning to ensure the long life you expect of your practical vinyl flooring.

Peace of Mind in Your Hard Floor Cleaning Services

The cleaners who provide your hard floor cleaning services are trained and certified to provide a wide range of hard floor maintenance. All of our services are provided under full insurance cover. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art, industrial and professional-level tools to make sure you get high quality cleaning that’s delivered quickly and conveniently.

Call us any time on 020 3404 1378 to book hard floor cleaning in Kensington. When it’s more convenient for you to request your quote or make your booking online, either fill in our contact form so we can get back to you, or use our live chat service for an instant response to any enquiry.

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