What Lies Beneath! Mattress Cleaning in Kensington

Call Swiss Cleaners for your Kensington mattress cleaning and be sure of the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in your bedroom. Remove stains, dander and dirt from your bed to aid sound and restorative sleep. This service is helpful for anyone who values their health and recognised the importance of a restful night. It offers particular benefits to those prone to allergies, asthma or other respiratory complaints – an unclean mattress will aggravate these conditions. Regular mattress cleaning is also essential in any multiple occupancy environment such as hotels or hospitals, and which even acts as a preventative measure against the risks of bedbug invasion.

Affordable, Efficient Mattress Cleaners in Kensington

Your mattress cleaning will prolong the useful life of your mattresses, and you’ll find it’s easy to arrange your services. Your Kensington mattress cleaners are ready and waiting to refresh your mattress. Here’s how you set up your service:

  • Call us 24/7 or contact us online
  • Get a free quote which includes all equipment usage and and cleaning agents needed
  • Book your service for weekends or bank holidays¬†
  • Same-day and emergency cleaning services available
  • Know that your work is delivered by trained and certified cleaners using eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic cleaning detergents
  • Pay affordable rates and benefit from multiple mattress discounts – the more we clean, the more you save!

You may also benefit from discounts on the cost of mattress cleaning when you combine it with certain other services we offer. Ask for more details about this when you call. Swiss Cleaners provide a wide range of cleaning for you to choose from and in addition we also offer gardening services and handyman services. As a landlord or letting agent your life will get a whole lot easier when you hand over all your property cleaning and maintenance needs to a single company.

Hot Water Extraction and Dry Mattress Cleaning Services

The composition of your mattress may influence selection of the most appropriate cleaning method, so the first thing your cleaner will do is assess this and explain to you how your work will be delivered. Dry cleaning is an effective method of refreshing any mattress. Where there is staining your technician will generally use hot water extraction to deliver your mattress cleaning services. In this instance, stains are pretreated to ensure the best possible results before the main cleaning takes place. Drying times vary according to the type of mattress and environmental conditions – your technician will advise on this once he’s assessed the work.

Advantages of Professional Mattress Cleaning in Kensington

You benefit from the investments we’ve made to deliver professional mattress cleaning in Kensington. We’ve invested in equipment – top-of-the-line, well-maintained tools deliver better results and faster drying times. We’ve also invested in our staff recruitment and training process, starting with careful ID vetting and reference checking, and then proceeding with initial training and certification through to ongoing quality control supervision to make sure our work stays up to the mark.

Get your free quote and book your Kensington mattress cleaners any time by calling 020 3404 1378. When you prefer to set-up your work online, either leave your details on our contact form so we can get back to you, or use our 24/7 chat facility.

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