Book Oven Cleaning in Kensington for an Oven That Does You Good!

Professional oven cleaning in Kensington will improve the appearance of your oven, and indeed your whole kitchen. More than this, an expertly cleaned oven ensures tastier, healthier food, with no risk of stale oil or other odours from past cooking marring flavours and free from the harmful taint of burnt on carbon. Clean cookers are more efficient too, so this economical service is good for your eyes, good for your pocket, good for your taste-buds and good for your health!

Convenient Professional Oven Cleaning for Domestic and Commercial Kitchens

Book Swiss Cleaners’ professional oven cleaning for your domestic or commercial cooker. Either way you’re assured of outstanding value and a great result from a service that’s easy to arrange, and which fits into your own timetable:

  • Call us 24/7 to get a free quote based on the size and type of your oven
  • Know that your quote is fixed and includes the cost of all detergents and cleaning equipment
  • Book your work for any day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays
  • Be assured of an eco-friendly, non-toxic and rapid cleaning service
  • Use your cooker the moment we’ve finished – that’s less than an hour for a typical domestic oven

Benefit from discounts when you book your oven cleaning alongside some of the other services we offer. How about window cleaning so that you can see your cleaned and polished appliance in the best light! Or, treat your whole kitchen by booking hard floor cleaning at the same time as you get your cooker cleaned.

How Our Oven Cleaners in Kensington Work

Our Kensington oven cleaners will bring along a dip tank to clean your oven in. They’ll start by taking the appliance apart and placing all removable parts into the tank along with the cleaning solution. Dip tank cleaning removes grease and even hard baked grime or carbon without scrubbing, so there’s no risk of metal being scratched. This service is as gentle on your cooker as it’s tough on grease. Whilst removable components are soaking, the main body of your cooker is cleaned by hand. This is an ideal time to replace filters, seals or failed light bulbs, so if you’d like this done just tell us when you book the service. Once cleaning is complete your oven will be reassembled, polished and tested.

Professional Standards from a Specialist Oven Cleaning Company.

You’re in good hands when you choose Swiss Cleaners as your oven cleaning company. We’ve invested in the equipment needed to bring you powerful cleaning at an affordable price, and we’ve invested in our staff too. Your cleaners are reference checked before starting employment, and trained and certified before they start working with you. All of our services are covered by full insurance, and we have our own internal quality control system in place to ensure that we continue to deliver cleaning to the high standards that our customers associate with our name.

Book your oven cleaning in Kensington 24/7 on 020 3404 1378. Alternatively, get your quote and set up your appointment through our live chat service, or leave your details on our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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